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How Apple Has Destroyed The Art Industry While Ruining Lives
Published By pilatomarco on 2012-01-29 63 Views

Apple snuck its way into the industry by designing beautiful and interactive technology. They achieved their success on the backs of thousands of Chinese workers who were conned by the promise of easy money and great benefits.

There should be a law against packing thousands of workers in a confined space (like lab rats) and forcing them to work inhumane hours (out of desperation) until they either burn themselves out or end their own lives tragically. Apple in a way is like the Tobacco industry. They end people's lives before their time. The only big difference is that the symptoms are different, cigarettes deteriorate people's lungs whilst the Apple workers have years taken off their lives by stress and exhaustion. Apple is not a company it is a Cult that has single handedly destroyed the Art industry as a whole.

Apple has driven the Music, Games and Hollywood industry to their knees, putting thousands of artists out of business! This is a company that like many others is destroying our economy and deserves to be taxed to the point of going out of business! Every time you buy an Apple product think of how many lives you are impacting negatively.
Stop promoting inhumane working conditions in Asia and contributing to the destruction of the global economy!

Please grow a conscience!


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